Posted on: September 28, 2009 12:22 am

Jamarcus Russell

  1. Does anyone in thier right mind, beleive that The Oakland Raiders will let JaMarcus Russell QB the entire season?

    1. YES

    2. NO

    Please vote and add your comments. I would like to see Al Davis and J Russell sail out of town together....Yell

Posted on: February 22, 2009 8:22 am
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The return of Strikeforce

Strikeforce returns!

I'm really looking forward to seeing the return of Stikrforce. The down time gave executives a chance to see what was working along with what did not. Match making will play a major role along with adding to the talent pool. I believe the organazation will have to showcase fighters more on ability than marketability. Don't get me wrong, a little added drama will not hurt things if done in a positive manner. WWE has been doing it for years!

The headliner for this card comes as a shock to me. Frank Shamrock is on the downside of his career and Nick Diaz has done nothing in his last few fights, well if you want to count bleeding all over every mat he has fought on lately. This is the kind of thing that will surely bring failure to them again. Stikrforce is not lacking fans, but they should focus on trying to gain new and more hardcore fans. This will aid in the establishment of a product worthy of being in the same class as The UFC and WEC.

 If I was in charge, I would showcase a Gilbert Melendez who is one of the best and exciting fighters they have to offer. He is along the lines of a Diego Sanchez. DO NOT bring Kimbo back as a headliner!  Not now, not ever until he can prove himself against stiffer competition. The thougt of a rematch with Seth Petrozelli is very interesting indeed. Give it time and I'm sure plenty of Fans would be up to the idea. Possibly as a Co Main Event.

In closing, I hope to see a high level of competition along with another stage for fighters to showcase all of thier hard work and abilities. Long live MMA, it's fans and the emergence of Strikeforce. Viva La Strikeforce!

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